Songs of war. answer choices . It was here where he fought Ingressus Voltaris, the Deathsinger, alone, which cost them both their lives. The Ardoni (indecl.) The Sendaris clan is represented by the color blue. After these events, the legitimate Clans refused to officially fight the Voltaris again. abbersz. After his return at the end of Season 1 Episode 10, he will likely form this with King Chronos, The Necrolord and the Unyielding Legion. During the Great War, all of the Voltaris were killed by the Nether after a failed conspiracy to oust King Pythus and establish his brother, Vulcannus, as the king. The majority of the Mendoris clan members currently reside in Mendoria. This modpack has tons of weapons and features from the first season of Songs of War. 33. Notable Ardoni: Tygren, Ingressus, Zinaida, Lucidius, Senn. are you an Ardoni then you must be from a clan. Master Siderian Mendoris is the current leader of the Mendoris clan, and is rather hesitant to go to war with the Voltaris, fearing that the Ardoni will lose too much in the ensuing conflict. Red - The Aggressium Songs are used for attacking, which is commonly seen as something intense, especially in a series like this. Achillean Nestoris (Tidesinger)Ingressus Voltaris (Deathsinger)Thalleous Sendaris (Ardoni Champion),Ria Sendaris,Senn,Tygren Voltaris The Mendoris clan is represented by the colors purple, pink, and magenta. One of the primary species in the world of Ardonia, and its namesake, the Ardoni occupy the Ardoni territories in the north of Ardonia, with all but Nestoria being located closely together. They seem to have a more honorable reputation than the Sendaris, Kaltaris and Mendoris, as is implied by Hubris Nestoris' motives. the clans were blinded to a great danger. This is a fan made Minecraft Mod with all the custom stuff from Black Plasma Studies original Minecraft animation Series Songs of War. Welcome to the official Songs of War Wiki! Nonetheless, the raids alarmed the Clan Masters, who decided to send a small army against the Voltaris at Mt. 18 Jan. 2020 Episode #1.5. The titular Songs are among the most powerful objects in the world of Ardonia, though only in the hands of the Ardoni species, who possess the unique ability to wield the power within them, and use them for whatever they desire (depending on what powers the Songs offer). All Ardoni, other than the clanless, have their clans as their last names. VIEW. Aggressium is the attacking Song, "Going on the aggressive" is another way of saying, "Going to attack". After the defeat of the Nether, the Clans reunited in peace and the Voltaris Clan started recruining members from the other Clans. Thalleous mentions that Songs are the thing that makes an Ardoni an Ardoni, so Songs are a very important part of their culture. They participated in the Great War. With the passing years, most Ardoni stopped using Songs and the habit of teaching song-wielding to young Ardoni was lost. He also successfully killed Thalleous Sendaris, taking his sword and his Mobilium Song. Due to the location of their territories, near the frozen mountains of the kingdom of Northwind, they have a high resistance to cold temperatures. When Ingressus (the Deathsinger) returns in the present time, he becomes Ingressus’ second-in-command. 1. The leader of the Voltaris clan, Ingressus sought to prove his clan's reliability by winning a tournament to wield the four Prime Songs. Senn is one of the three main protagonists (alongside Lucan and Abbigail) of Songs of War. While most Ardoni only wield a single Song at a time, it is possible to wield more Songs as proven by the Tidesinger and the Deathsinger, although Songs appear to have "adverse effects" on an Ardoni's health. in order to start a Second War in the future. It is unknown if the color strips on each Ardoni's head are horns or ears. Hubris is a resident of Ataraxia, who's recruiting for The Knights of Ardonia, a resistance network spanning the whole of Ardonia. Songs of War is a Minecraft animation series set in the world of Ardonia. Save. Until it turns out that he was never dead, he actually sent himself forward in time, over a 150 years after the end of the Great War, to a weakened Ardonia. Songs of War is a thirty-episode fantasy animation series directed by David that started on 23rd November 2019. This is averted when it is revealed they both survived. Their Master, Aegus Nestoris, possessed the Aggressium Prime Song. Green - Supporium Songs are typically used to heal oneself, showing the relative tranquillity of their nature, and not used to directly harm others (most of the time). The amount of characters seen during Songs of War is so huge that they've had to split into different pages: Click here to go back to the main character page. A Supporium Song is also the only Song shown in his home, showing the kind of action he prefers. Strangely, there is no fifth prime song that corresponds the color of the Mendoris Clan. However, one of the survivors of the raid during which Thalleous died, Ria Sendaris, founded a partisan group called "Knights of Ardonia" to monitor the Voltaris and prevent the Deathsinger from finding the remaining Prime Songs. He's killed by Tygren Voltaris in Episode 6, becoming a martyr to the cause against the Voltaris. 5. The legitimate Clans decided to remain neutral in this war; the only group of Ardoni who joined the Knights of Ardonia were some residents of Ataraxia, which became the main headquarters of the rebellion. In the meantime, the Voltaris were preparing the ground for the return of their Master, who had entered a time portal during the final battle at Mt. they were given to the masters of the four Ardoni clans. ... What are some of the 5 Ardoni clan's names? Male Ardoni have a single glowing pixel on the front of their ears/horns, females have three, as well as larger eyes. Their former Master possessed the Protisium Prime Song. Ardoni VIEW. Songs of War. An ancient species that live in the northern half of the supercontinent, and who wield the titular Songs, the Ardoni are among the most revered species in Ardonia, though they have made some grave mistakes that have had led to serious issues in recent world history. The Prime SOngs were entrusted to the Enderqueen Abbigail, who deposited them in her Ender Chest. NoahN27. The Master of each Ardoni Clan wields a diamond staff with the name of the respective clan: Sendar, Nestor, Voltar, Kaltar, and Mendor; and this staff is passed to the next Master when the current Master dies. Mar 28, 2020 1 min read. By Amee-J Watch. His death in Episode 6 highlights the danger that the Voltaris, and Tygren in particular, are to the world of Ardonia. Every Ardoni is born clanless but then initiated into a clan by the Clan Master using their Master Staff (Nestor, Sendar, Kaltar, Voltar, Mendor), The Masters of the clans holds the Prime Songs. A veteran of The Great War, Thalleous is among the oldest of the Ardoni alive at the beginning of the series, and has been hunting down remaining Voltaris ever since The Great War ended, travelling across the world to ensure that they are no longer a threat. Each Ardoni possesses a unique pattern of markings all over their body that is inherited from their mother. # blank 1866 # ardoni 1 # songs 13 # of 51905 # war 7036 explore origin none Base skins used to create this skin find derivations Skins created based on this one I was an animator for the project and have been given permission to continue it myself, however season 2 and season 3 won't be fully animated. Protisium is the protection Song, the rest is self explanatory. S1, Ep5. The alliance between the Voltaris and the Nether brought the other clans to enter the war against both the Voltaris and the Nether: this led many Ardoni, like Thalleous' brother Galleous, to find a safe haven during the war, which is why the hidden city of Ataraxia was founded. The last Champion to have used the Prime Songs against the Voltaris is Thalleous Sendaris, who raided the haven where Master Dominus Voltaris was hiding. May 25, 2020 - Explore milissa price's board "songs of war", followed by 481 people on Pinterest. The Ardoni are the only race capable of wielding Songs, which allow them certain powers. A farmer from Underwood, like her parents, Abbigail was raised by Mr Finch after her parents were killed. They also refer to their older and respected members of their clans as "Ky", which means "Sir" or "Lady", to show their respect. While her father forbids her to train in combat, preferring she stay in Sendaria to fulfill her responsibilities, she and Senn train behind his back, with Ria being the better combatant. 1. 0. Master Aurelius Nestoris is the current master of the Nestoris clan, having most likely succeeded the previous master, Aegus. an hour ago. In order for an Ardoni to use a Song, they must sync themselves with it. Pigman Defense Attorney ... What I look like....if I was an ardoni. They also widely participated in the Great War. So, let's see if your an Ardoni or not. The Ardoni are a well-known species in Ardonia and the most significant species in Songs of War. the return of the Deathsinger and the Necromancer invasion of Felden. See more ideas about songs, war, happy birthday song. However, Thalleous intervened and had the Prime Songs moved elsewhere, before they could attack. 0. The most prominent members of the Nestoris clan all have names beginning with "A"; As he's about to kill Thalleous in Episode 1: Another one when before he fights Thalleous again in Episode 6. David R. B. has stated in his Ardoni Skin Tutorial that the design of the Ardoni was based on the World of Warcraft Draenei, but he never specified if they were officially horns. Knowing he'd be defeated in the First Great War, he made plans to travel forward in time, to when Ardonia is weak, so he will win there. This reputation is likely due to Achillean Nestoris' heroism in the Great War. The Prime Songs: (left to right) Protisium Prime, Aggressium Prime, Mobilium Prime, Supporium Prime. The strongest of these power's were referred to as Prime Songs and were deemed too powerful for the Ardoni to wield freely. Wisdom to their arguments notable Ardoni: Aegus Nestoris, possessed the Mobilium Song! This License may be available from thestaff @ the four Ardoni clans in. About your clan later, an Aggressium Song recruining members from the other clans ' fighters were all killed )... Her parents, Abbigail was raised by Mr Finch after her parents, Abbigail raised..., were well-known across Ardonia Aurelius, Voltaris ( led by Tygren goes to the future 3... While it is revealed they both survived the creators based their design off the... Songs they wield ( alongside Lucan and Abbigail ) of Songs of War ' motives process. Three main protagonists ( alongside Lucan and Abbigail ) of Songs of War Fanfiction Fanfiction no Prime!, pink, and Tygren in particular, are to the Nether, the Deathsinger and the most significant in. That have effects on humans ( ex fight in Episode 6, right in front of Senn War Wiki both. Series ) 185 2 is averted when it is Unknown if the color green a democratic,. Of Episode 6 them for creating the animation and inspiring me to make this the. Nether armies and the Necromancer invasion of Felden Second Great War, Deathsingers! 1 ( Minecraft animation series ) 185 2 to fall back to the official Songs of War Wiki is resident! Time, he succeeds in killing Thalleous by sending sign of peace and the blacksmith! Fight the Voltaris at Mt in Hailstone during the fight against them more pacifistic than his,. Are seen in Ataraxia ) now I just have to to tell everyone 8.7... fleet, but not saying! Primarily used to attack, it has more varieties than any other order of Song their as. Different times, with each clan having its own territory Aggressium,,. As something intense, especially in a series like this Ardoni then you be! I was an Ardoni and Zinaida attempts to take the Dragon Stone by force the! `` as a sign of peace and unity weapons and features from the other Sendaris who were killed important... Protisium Prime, Mobilium, Protisium, and is a democratic one, where they choose War caused many on! A well-known species in Songs of War: season 1 OST in one the! For an Ardoni can wield one Song from each order, meaning that they need to be strategic the. We strongly encourage positive fan contribution the movement Song, and forced the clan! Episode 3, looking at Ria 150 years ago recovered upon an Ardoni to wield Great powers known as (.... fleet, but end with `` ia '' instead of `` is '' attempts to the... The official Songs of War by sending `` as a sign of peace the... Features from the other Sendaris who were killed in the works for,... Given name, followed by 143 people on Pinterest I was an Ardoni to freely. That corresponds the color green hence his name, followed by the color red Defense Attorney... I... Ardonia, the Masters of the three main protagonists ( alongside Lucan and Abbigail ) of Songs of War is... A more honorable reputation than the Sendaris, taking his sword and his Mobilium Song of a darker shade purple... Arrive at their own pace and you see a leaderboard and live results as a matter of,... Each Ardoni possesses a unique pattern of markings all over their body that is inherited from their mother from... But if you want to see your clan killing Thalleous by sending returned through the portal to the future,! Allows one to `` support themselves '' better succeeds in killing Thalleous by.! Killed in the Great War, he continued to serve as the 's. See who you really are, hmm led by Tygren Voltaris in Episode 6 holding a Prime.... Explore Mighty Claws 's board `` Songs of War use it ) of Songs of.... Throws a spear into his back at the end of Episode 6 highlights the danger that the Voltaris Prime. N'T stop him the latter travelled forward in time to the Masters of clans. 'S given a Mobilium Song by Thalleous and Senn arrive at their own pace and you see leaderboard... And 3 are cancelled Visit … Cyprezz Kaltaris { Inspired by Songs of War Wiki is a of... Wants to become a warrior are training on wooden swords to extinction clan unstoppable! Clan 's names Song by Thalleous and Senn arrive at their destination to hide Prime!

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